About Beardsalls

Beardsalls is an independent retailer on the Isle of Wight providing stationery products, office supplies, art materials, greetings cards and printing services in Ryde, Shanklin, Sandown and Newport.


In the beginning…

Our Family History in Business

Beardsalls has been in business since 1901.
This was when John Beardsall started a photographic studio on Chine Hill in Shanklin.

His son Bernard continued his father’s efforts and developed the business.

He started selling books and introduced a lending library.

Shanklin Chine Hill shop

Shanklin Chine Hill shop

Paul Beardsall working on a letterpress

Paul Beardsall working on a letterpress

Then Bernard’s son Paul then apprenticed at Lightbowns in Ryde in the 1950’s. They were a well-respected Island printer, and Paul trained on a letterpress with the intention of bringing the skills back to Beardsalls to add new print services.

Then Bernard's younger son Michael took over in the 60's and with his wife Iris successfully developed the retail side.

Bringing New Printing Methods

Michael and Iris continued the family tradition of printing, adopting new digital colour presses in the mid 1990s.

Beardsalls became a friendly and reliable Town Centre source of stationery for home, school, business and hobbies.

Toby Beardsall, 4th generation Beardall in the business

Toby Beardsall, 4th generation Beardall in the business

Since 1999, their son Toby has taken over the management of the shops. He has kept up with technology advances and now runs a digital press and finishing system.

As the 4th generation to run the family business, Toby is proud to sustain this independent shop in competition with the national chains. He bought the first electric eco-van for the next-day free-delivery fleet. He also sourced chlorine-free paper from Premier Paper who “strive for environmental excellence” by supporting the Forest Stewardship Council, the Woodland Trust and planting trees to catch carbon.

The- Printshop-Team-Beardsalls t.jpg

Now with High Street shops in Shanklin and Ryde, a business supplies depot in Sandown and a printshop in central Newport, the business is doing well.

Drawing breath for a brief moment, Toby looks back over what is now nearly 120 years and counts up the 229 local people that Beardsalls has employed. He is very grateful for their support and all the loyalty shown by the local and visiting customers they’ve served.